We reinvented content discovery
to help websites earn much more
on booming video ads market.
Tokens with 20% discount left: 467,414

VIDEO ADS: +4,200%

While BTC and ETH are going up and down,
video ads market has been increasing steadily for 10 years!

We really love this market: %80+ of internet traffic now is video. So video advertising has no other way but grow.
Native Video Box (NVB) is Decentralized Video Distribution Platform for native video advertising, based on multi-tier blockchain and deep machine learning. We reinvented content discovery to deliver people videos they will love, but never knew existed.

We have launched real live product
that has gained $1.5M+ total turnover since 2016


Check out how the gallery of videos looks on the sample pages. They were thoroughly selected by machine-learning classifier from our storage as most relevant to the page content.

Video advertising market has grown up to $13.6B in 2017

Videos for the gallery selected by machine learning algorithms and perfectly fits into every page Click on the thumbnail opens fullscreen video player with in-stream video ad


NVB token is used as payment
No transaction can be done without NVB tokens within the ecosystem. To show ads, advertiser (SSPs, advertising exchange hubs) must always purchase tokens.
100,000+ advertisers connected
We have already plugged in 3 hubs that are programmatically connected to 500+ ad exchanges, demand-side platforms and ad networks.
Сumulative turnover: $31M in Nov 2018
This is an average estimate. At that time, number of video ad views will reach 430M per month. In 5 months, this number will double.
NVB ad network will grow
We expect fast organic growth of network because NVB improves user experience and pays up to 75% of all ad views revenue.
Limited amount of tokens
will be issued.
Number of tokens will never grow. Tokens can be used as payment method endless number of times.
We will burn 20%
of our monthly tokens
We will burn 20% of tokens we receive as service fee (i.e. everything that exceeds operational and technical expenses).
NVB tokens are utility tokens
Therefore we can’t give any official warranties or statements concerning their development or growth due the legal reasons.
Multi-tier blockchain planned
Etherium cannot support high load necessary for our real time anti fraud, so we planned to implement multi-tier blockchain technology in 2019.
NVB doesn't compete with
Virool, Genesis or ConvertMedia
Unlike them, we deliver interesting video content to websites, not just ads. Ao our ads plays in video player, just like trailer before movie in the cinema.
NVB is not another
"decentralized Youtube"
NVB is content discovery platform so we neither are decentralized "p2p Youtube" nor have to compete with original YouTube.






01/12/2017 — 31/12/2017
01/01/2018 — 15/04/2018
16/04/2018 — 20/04/2018


of video ad views or more are fraud: made by bots or, at least, 'blind' users

Stopped click / impression fraud

all the ad clicks and impressions will be processed using smart contracts. But p2p blockchain could not handle even 50k RPS, so NVB is about to implement special multi-tier blockchain tech.

money in supply chain from advertisers to publishers and content creators could be taken by intermediaries

Transparent billing based on smart contracts

NVB tokens are the currency of the service and 60% of any token spent by advertiser goes directly to the publisher, 15% - to owner of the video content, 25% - to NVB system to cover the tech costs.

of instream video advertising revenue or more goes to Video Content Delivery Network to cover traffic tech costs

Lower video traffic tech costs

we have got a decentralized content delivery network, maintained by community. Publishers had been paying for hosting videos, being the part of our video cloud storage.



01 Jan
Start of the project
MVP development
10 Dec
Market and industry tests
Testing the local video ads market (agencies and programmatic selling)
1 Dec
Pre-sale launch
Early-stage crowdsale
1 Jan
ICO launch
Main milestone of crowdsale
15 Apr
Token issuance
Tokens will be issued after the end of crowdsale
01 May
Start of the sales
Start of programmatic video ads sales
01 Aug
Mobile apps network
Integration of mobile SDK with mobile ecosystem services
01 May
Commencement of multi-tier blockchain
Start of the integration of the view- and clickflow into the blockchain


Native Video Box:
reinventing content discovery
But Native Video Box bring out even more transparency than revenue and impressions levels. Any company, launching ICO must be transparent by design and fully token oriented. Instead of it significant part of the revenue spent for growth of capitalization and dividends, NVB focuses on tokens benefits growth.
15.12.2017 - TokenDesk
Native Video Box punta
in alto con l'ICO:
le caratteristiche
Native Video Box è una piattaforma decentralizzata, simile a YouTube nello stesso modo in cui le criptovalute sono simili alle banche tradizionali. È appunto una piattaforma video nativa e indipendente, con un approccio ecosistemico all’advertising, che ha scelto di prendersi il mercato tramite una ICO.
05.12.2017 -
これまでの伝統的なサービスとは対照的に、NVBは、コンテンツを本当に作成して視聴者に配信している人に広告収入の75%を提供する。つまり、ビデオコンテンツのオーナー(15%)とウェブサイトのオーナー(60%)だ。 NVBの創業者兼CEOであるAlexander Shishov。
04.12.2017 - Cryptocoin Portal
На ICO выходит новая
платформа для заработка
на видеорекламе
Главное преимущество и отличие, которое предлагает NVB по сравнение с такими нативными рекламными системами, как Taboola и Outbrain, заключается в подборе при помощи машинного обучения видеоконтента на 100% актуального странице.
01.12.2017 -
Native Video Box, fature
com publicidade
através desta ICO
O Sr. Shishov destacou que: "Nós não temos concorrentes diretos: por enquanto, somos a única plataforma que oferece uma solução turnkey para ganhar dinheiro em publicidade em vídeo para sites que não possuem quantidades suficientes de seu próprio conteúdo de video…"
01.12.2017 - GuiadoBitcoin
Native Video Box
lanza su ICO
apuntando al sector
de la publicidad nativa
Nikki Stewart, fundador de CSCC Media, comenta que "Native Video Box reúne las tecnologías de video publicitarias más innovadoras en un ecosistema completamente nuevo, creado para beneficiar editores y creadores de contenido".
30.11.2017 - CriptoTendencia
Native Video Box
Aims High with Video
Advertising ICO
NVB is being advised by ICOBox, the global leader in the ICO market. ICOBox founder Mike Raitsyn calls NVB "a unique, intriguing project, which should greatly benefit from the opportunities afforded by its ICO..."
30.11.2017 - NewsBTC
NVB ICO: Creating
the Future of
Native Video Advertising
It is true that Content is King and NVB are investing its effort and time to alleviate everyone on the system; including Video producers, advertisers, publishers and lastly to the users.
28.11.2017 - BTSMANAGER
Native Video Box:
ICO Launch To Create
The Future Of Advertising
Native Video Box is a platform and team that fuses together digital advertising legacy, modern approach and cutting edge technologies into the new era TV.
28.11.2017 - Coinidol
Decentralized video
advertising platform
Native Video Box Announces
ICO and NVB Token
Due to сryptocurrency nature of NVB tokens, it's an easy way to make payments for each individual blogger or publisher in variety of countries, solving the problems with financial clearing and regulatory paperwork as well as high payment commissions of fiat banks.
27.11.2017 - Toinnov
Native Video Box
- the Initial Coin Offering
NVB shares 75% of ad views revenue with videos owners (15%) and website owners (60%): with those who actually create video content and those who bring it to the audience. These values and transparency grant the network fast organic growth and highest inventory quality standards, which attract the advertisers.
21.11.2017 - Coinstaker
Native Video Box: Token
Sale to help bring native
advertising to a whole
new level
Native Video Box solves the issue of video bloggers and other video content creators, who have not yet an option to spread their videos outside of their usual video hostings audience and be generously paid for that at the same time.
16.11.2017 - Bitcoin Warrior
The Future of Native
Advertising: Native Video
Box Announces ICO and
NVB Token
Due to cryptocurrency nature of NVB tokens, it's an easy way to make payments for each individual blogger or publisher in variety of countries, solving the problems with financial clearing and regulatory paperwork as well as high payment commissions of fiat banks (for currencies conversions).
15.11.2017 - Coinspeaker
Native Video Box ICO
announcement: a cutting-
edge platform for Native
Video Advertising
Imagine, that for each dollar spent, just twenty-five cents are held by the service to cover the tech costs. And up to 75% goes to video creators and website owners. In short, this means that the people who create the videos and bring it to the audience WIN!
12.11.2017 - BTC geek


Alexander Shishow
Founder and CEO
A project leader with 10+ years of experience in Ad Tech and Machine Learning projects, development teams' management.
Andrey Smirnov
A team leader with 10+ years of experience in full stack development (serverside, frontend, databases), AI/ Machine Learning.
Nikki Stewart
Head of marketing
A marketing media pro with 10+ years of experience in digital media and communication strategy.
Dmitriy Solodkiy
Blockchain evangelist
Data scientist on programmatic advertising systems with 5+ years of experience in business and sectoral analysis.
Andrey Tsvetkov
Front end developer
Senior developer: video ads technologies: VAST / VPAID, Open RTB & programmatic advertising (Weborama, Buzzoola)
Paul Vasin
A business development manager with 10+ years of experience in Marketing, Ad Tech and account teams management.
Peter Kozyakov
IR Director
Strategic Marketing with 10+ years of experience in financial and banking
Alexander Vasilev
Commercial Director
Fintech and banking professional with 10+ years experience (Rapida, PayU, Win Pay etc).
Xenia Vyazemskaya
PR Director
A PR project leader with 3+ years experience in multiple fields. Development and executive of PR strategies, internal communication management.
Max Prudchenko
Head of Support
International head of support services professional. Customer service professional, staff training and supervising.


Mike Raytsin
Co-founder of ICObox, the most scalable provider of token offering services. Serial entrepreneur, angel investor, crypto industry visioner.
Julian Zegelman
Managing Partner at Velton Zegelman PC, cryptocurrency attorney, serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Previous successful ICOs: Starta ICO, Suretly,, Blackmoon Crypto, Cindicator and ParagonCoin.
Yaacov Bitton
CEO and Co-founder of Advanced Cash: easy to use and versatile online payment system that is one of the most popular payment service provider gateways for fiat - token operations the in the crypto community.
Alexander Miheev
Managing Director of Finam Global Investment Fund, focusing on executive management of equities and Chief Operating Officer of GOSU.AI: AI-based startup in personalized cybersport coaching.
Georgy Mikhaylets
Co-founder and Vice President of Business Development in Win Pay: one of the largest instant mass transfer systems on the East-European market of international banking services for individuals.
Alexei Morozov
Alexei has 14 years of experience in AdTech. His work experience includes top management positions in companies AdFox, Begun, CrearaMedia, Price, Rambler.


ICO Box - new generation Blockchain Growth Promoter and Business Facilitator for companies seeking to sell their products via ICO crowdsales. Partnership with ICO Box increasea chances of success: their latest record is USD 232,000,000.
Velton&Zegelman has comprehensive expertise in cryptocurrency attorneyship and evaluating the legal status of tokens. Previous successful ICOs with their participation include, Blackmoon Crypto, Cindicator and ParagonCoin.
Between eXchange is an independent advertising platform that gives the opportunity for brands and agencies to plan, buy, measure and optimise their media programmatic buying. Between eXchange pay a lot of attention to the fraud prevention and proactively search out spam traffic. We use improved bot scanner to protect our customers' brands as well as our own.
DynoVid is a video supply side solution for advertisers and publishers from across the world, the Dynovid uses the most sophistaticated algorhythms to help you attract audiences. DynoVid buys and sells impressions via programmatic auctions, which are aimed at providing both advertisers and publishers with the most relevant bids for traffic.
VISPOT is a video SSP that provides premium Media and Ad Tech solutions for B2B and B2C Marketers, Publishers and Agencies. Applies winning Strategies for Targeting, Retargeting, Engagement Tracking, Analytics and Account-based Marketing. VISPOT uses unique management and optimization platform to analyze performance with high accuracy and efficiency.